Short Sale Division Value Proposition
  • We will ask questions and listen to our clients in order to fully understand their needs.
  • We will create short sale solutions that complement our clients overall financial strategy, and allow them to most effectively accomplish their short and long term financial goals.
  • We will bring value added ideas and services to your business through our goal of constant and never ending improvement (CANI).
  • We will be sensitive to the fears that many homeowners have about the short sale process and earn their confidence as a trusted advisor.
  • We will respect your time by being as efficient as possible with your clients and you.
  • We will communicate regularly and proactively with you and your clients to keep them informed of the status of their short sale and to reduce the stress that is associated with uncertainty.
  • We will measure our success by your willingness to confidently recommend us.
  • We will handle all of our actions honestly and professionally at all times.